Why I use Laravel Forge

After 4 months using Laravel Forge, I only have positive experience. If you're wondering should you give it a try, I hope my attempt to write this post can give you some clarity. 

It is convenientI needed to show a website to a prospective employer which I've developed using Laravel framework. Using forge helped me reduce the server configuration time, I was able to launch the site in a night. 

You can look at it as your deployment server manager with a clean UI. If you're not familiar with any of the deployment terms, you may want to check Git and GUI Clients to understand better. 

You would still need to choose your choice of cloud infrastructure provider such as DigitalOcean and AWS which have their own billing cycle. Laravel Forge provides an easy way to connect your Forge account to your cloud provider account. 

You can also enable auto-deployment in Forge which I find useful. I like to be able to see any deployment errors from the Forge UI. To access your production server using SSH, here's a helpful link.

I also like how simple it is for me to change my `.env` records using the UI.

To manage `database settings` and additional features such as `redis` and `work queues` comes handy for me when I want to use those features. 

At last, if you're wondering can you deploy your Laravel App without using it - yes, you can. Here's the official documentation guide